Generate a graphgist of your graph on Graphgen

The Winter Graphgist Challenge

Neo4j announced yesterday the Graphgist Winter Challenge.

This is a good opportunity for everyone to show their graph modeling and cypher skills or an intuitive way for discovering graph databases. Graphgists are also amazing resources for Graph modeling and use-case examples.

Bonus for those using Graphgen

Graphgist document generation was initially planned for the upcoming update of Graphgen. The challenge annoucement was a good opportunity to release in advance this feature and ease the participation for newcomers.

So here it is !

Heads up to Graphgen and start building your graph.

Once generated you will see a new action button Create Graphgist

Click on it and the setup of your graphgist document is done and all you need to do is to copy and paste it to a adoc file and make it available on a public URL (dropbox, github-gist).

What’s included ?

  • The setup of your graph
  • Some node matching queries based on labels
  • Some node matching queries based on node properties
  • Some node and his relationships matching queries based on relationship types
  • And some more nice queries

What is cool, is that without effort you can have a quick graphgist setup. So you have time to concentrate on modeling and describing it. And especially invest work in really good use-case queries for that domain :

I hope you will enjoy it and don’t hesitate to ping me on Twitter for remarks, bugs or just saying me cheers !

I wish you an awesome weekend and good luck for the Graphgist Challenge.


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